Chairman of the Board

Gönül Kamalı graduated from Menesha High School in 1983 and completed his undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin, Istanbul Technical University Computer and Control Engineer Department. Continuing his career in technology companies in Turkey, Kamalı has held various management positions, especially as a member of the Executive Board at NETAŞ for 26 years. Kamalı, who joined the Executive Board of Hayat Bilişim Holding in 2017, continues his work as the CEO of ThinkBig Digital Solutions, where he is the founding partner, and as a Member of the Executive Board at Kora Analytik, where he is a partner.

Gönül Kamalı has taken on very important roles for technological developments in telecommunications, internet infrastructures and digital transformation to come to life in our country. Kamalı, who works for the development of domestic technologies that ensure the cyber security of telecommunications and mobile systems, is the founder of the largest R&D laboratory in Turkey Dec. Kamalı, who has been the manager of the first software export unit in our country for many years, also pioneered the creation of the first cyber security protocol in the world on Google Web RTC.

Having held the position of Vice President of YASAD for many years, Gönül Kamalı, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of YASAD since 2020, has been working on the development of the software sector, the growth and the creation of strategies and policies for the increase of exports that will provide added value to the country, ensuring cooperation between members, Deconflicting the healthy growth of the ecosystem.

Sosyal dayanışmaya büyük önem veren Kamalı, gönüllü olarak yardım kurumlarında bulunuyor ve toplumsal gelişime katkı sağlayacak organizasyonlara öncelik veriyor.