YASAD's new Board of Directors has been appointed

The Software Industrialists' Association (YASAD), the leading roof organization of the software sector, will be held at the 15th session. The Period General Assembly was held at the head office of the Istanbul Specialized Free Zone Customs Building. Gönül Kamalı, who participated in the election with a single list, was re-elected president by the unanimous vote of the members. Gönül Kamalı attended the 15th annual general meeting where the annual report covering the year 2020 2022 was presented. He gave information about the studies they carried out during the period. Stating that they have implemented projects that will be a ‘success story’ in cooperation with the public and private sectors, Kamalı said, “Despite the pandemic process, we have implemented important studies in the direction of the development of both our members and the sector in the 3-year period. The institutionalization of the association structure, increasing synergy between members, supporting the training of qualified human resources of the sector and increasing the number of software companies that export have formed the areas in which we focus. Dec. In the new period, we will focus on projects that will increase the quality of our work,”he explained. 

YASAD's 16. The new Management and Supervisory Board of the period consisted of the following names: 

Noble Members of the Board of Directors;

Gönül Kamalı (Chairman of the Board of Directors) 

THINKBIG Information and Consulting LTD Sti. 

Cem Çevik (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors) 

Wise Man Computer and Educational Services Industry Trade A.Sh.

Serdar Toraman (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors) 

INNOVA Information Solutions A.Sh

Atilla Zeybek (Treasurer) 

MODEL Computing Speed.Renown. and tic.ltd.Şti.

Seçil Zeybekoğlu Gökçöl (Member of the Board of Directors) 

Netaş Telecommunications A.Sh.

Kerem Bozokluoğlu (Member of the Board of Directors) 

Socio Plus Information Bil. Techn. From. Speed. Tic. A.Sh.

Mine Taşkın (Member of the Board of Directors) 

G Technology Informatics San. Tic. A.Sh.

Akın Sertcan (Member of the Board of Directors) 

Logo Software Industry and Trade A.Sh.

Özgür Arzu Er (Member of the Board of Directors) 

Virgosol Information and Software Solutions A.Sh.

The Main Members of the Supervisory Board are; 

Ayhan Demir (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) 

Liberta Software Construction Food INDUSTRY and Trade Ltd Sti

Tanay Ceylan (Member of the Supervisory Board) 


Burç Uzalp (Member of the Supervisory Board) 

FSS Computer Software Consulting San.Tic.Ltd.Sti


Gönül Kamalı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YASAD, gave information about their activities in his thank you speech: “As YASAD, we helped to prepare the Ministry of Commerce IT Stars and e-Turquality Support Package. Today we want all our software companies to apply to benefit from these supports. With the participation of YASAD members, we have implemented the ‘Supporting Software Education in Vocational High Schools with Patron Software Companies Project. With the project supported by the Istanbul Development Agency, we aim to increase the technical abilities of young people in Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Schools in the field of informatics in accordance with the needs of the software sector. We carried out the ’Turkey Software Works Catalog' study. 100 Leading companies of the sector took part in our catalog study. We will continue this work by updating it in the new period.”

 Noting that they have implemented the ‘Archive and Encyclopedia of Software Works Project' covering 50 years of the Turkish software sector, Kamalı said, “With this project supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we will archive 500 of the software developed by the Turkish software industry so far and bring it to the attention of the public. We are calling for our software companies that have not yet received any support in the project to be included in the encyclopedia,”he said.