YASAD visited Zekeriya Çoştu, General Director of National Technology at the Ministry of Industry and Technology

Irfan Keskin, Deputy General Director of National Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Sinem Altuncu, YASAD Board Member, Özgür Arzu Er, Chairperson of YASAD Women's Committee, and Sevilay Güven, Secretary General of YASAD attended the visit. Chairman Gönül Kamalı stated that the software industry has achieved 20 percent growth in the last 3 consecutive years and said, "Our IT industry is a horizontal sector that not only creates value itself but also supports all other industries of our country to produce competitive products and services." Noting that our country's foreign trade should focus on low-cost, high-tech, modern products and services in order to compete in global markets, Kamalı reminded that only artificial intelligence-supported predictive maintenance systems provide 10-20 percent cost savings in the products and services produced. 

The meeting was concluded with the presentation of opinions and suggestions for the development of the IT and software industry.