YASAD visited Volkan Ağar, Deputy Minister of Trade

YASAD Chairman Gönül Kamalı stated that all businesses use software to carry out their operations regardless of their scale and said, "Our domestic software companies, which provide great support for the realization of the domestic and national industrial move, are preferred by our businesses due to their low costs compared to foreign software and their flexibility to respond quickly to process changes." 

Noting that the Internationalization of the Turkish Informatics Sector and E-Turquality (Informatics Stars) Program is the most comprehensive support package prepared, Kamalı stated that the program was welcomed with great appreciation and hope in the industry and thanked the entire ministry team for their efforts. Kamalı reminded that in addition to the positive developments, there are also problems arising from the macro conjuncture and said that new support packages for the growth of the software industry will carry software exports to a new dimension. Kamalı shared the opinions and suggestions they had prepared for the problems of the industry with the Deputy Minister and his delegation.