YASAD prepares young IT professionals for business life in cooperation with ISTKA

20 YASAD member companies were matched with 20 vocational high schools 

The meeting was attended by Yasad Chairman of the Board of Directors Gönül Kamalı, Ministry of Treasury and Finance General Directorate of Information Technologies Head of Project Management Department Akın Yetim, Topkapı University Secretary General Bora Gündüzyeli, Topkapı University Continuing Education Center Manager Sedef Baban, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education Melyaz Project Officer Beyazıt Bestami Yüksel, Yasad Secretary General Sevilay Güven, school management participating in the project, sponsor company managers. Within the scope of the project supported by Istanbul Service Exporters' Association (HIB), Turkish Game Developers Association (TOGED) and Topkapı University, it is aimed to increase the technical capabilities of 11th grade students studying in the field of information technologies in Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Schools (MTAL) in line with the needs of the software industry. 

Yasad Chairman of the Board of Directors Gönül Kamalı stated that their priority is the employment problem in the software industry and that they have implemented the Melyaz Project in order to solve the problem. Noting that the IT and technology industries have grown by 18 to 27 percent in the last 3 years and the demand for software has increased, Chairman Kamalı said, "While the growth of the market and the acceleration of investments offer important opportunities to domestic software companies, the need for software experts has increased all over the world. As Yasad, in order to solve this problem, we aim to enrich the software education given in our vocational high schools in line with the needs of the industry and to employ our high school graduates directly in the software industry. It is difficult to increase the capacity of our universities to train software developers 2-3 times in one year. We need to prepare our students graduating from Vocational Technical Anatolian High Schools for business life." Explaining that they have paired the schools with the sponsor software companies in order to provide up-to-date training to the students, Kamalı said that they have signed a cooperation with the '1Millionİstihdam' Platform, which was implemented under the coordination of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for the employment problem. Kamalı said, "The aim of our project is to establish long-term ties between our software companies and Vocational Technical Anatolian High Schools and to train our young people in line with the needs of the industry."  

Sevilay Güven, Secretary General of YASAD, gave information about the details of the project.