YASAD observed a moment of silence at Anıtkabir on its 30th anniversary

After the ceremony, YASAD Board of Directors and Delegation attended the reception organized for members at METU Teknokent Co-Zone. Kamalı, who came together with the press members at the reception, said the following: "We strive to grow the high technology and software industry in our country. Today, software is used in every product that every device uses or in the production process. During the pandemic period, we have seen that we can exist in all kinds of environments where we cannot physically exist thanks to software. The reflection of the software industry, which is gaining more and more importance in the world, is growing day by day in our country." 

Noting that the basic principle of the Software Industrialists' Association is to be 5-10 years ahead of the industry and to realize exemplary leading projects today for the needs that will arise in the future, Kamalı said the following about the activities they carry out: "The Entrepreneurship and Training Center Project (GEMIM), which we realized in 2014, has today turned into Entrepreneurship / Accelerator / Incubator centers spread all over the country. Our YUGEM Software Training Project, which we realized in 2015, still prepares university graduates for the profession by providing software training through training companies authorized by İŞKUR. In 2019, the ideas we produced to spread software education to the base formed the basis of the '1 Million Employment Project' of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in 2020. As YASAD, we are doing a project again in our 30th year, we are implementing the project of Supporting Software Education in Vocational High Schools with Software Companies (Melyaz) by matching 20 software companies and 20 vocational high schools, and we contribute to the preparation of vocational high school graduates directly for employment. 

Noting that in 30 years they have focused on education on the one hand and exports on the other, Kamalı said: "We know that our companies need to open up to international markets in order to globalize the software industry. With the great support of the Ministry of Trade, we are happy to see that for the first time in our country, the Stars of Informatics/e-Turquality Support program targeting only the software industry was published. We believe that these supports provided by our ministries and the awareness created in the society will create new Unicorns / Turcorns in the near future." 

YASAD Chairman Gönül Kamalı, who visited Anıtkabir with the YASAD delegation on October 5, 2022, wrote the following statements in the Anıtkabir Special Book. 

Ankara, October 5, 2022 

My founding father, 

The Software Industrialists' Association (YASAD), which represents the 'Turkish Software Industry' that produces next generation technologies that will enable our country to rise to the level of contemporary civilizations in the fields of science and science, celebrates its 30th anniversary with its foundation date of October 5, 1992 in your presence today. 

If I can stand before you as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YASAD, an executive, an engineer, a mother and a woman, I know very well that I owe this to you and the revolutions you led. YASAD has been working with great faith for 30 years for the R&D and production-oriented growth of the domestic software industry in our country, its globalization and the education of our young population with technology. In the light of the fire you lit, we will continue to work for the development and future of our country with all our being and spirit, running side by side, men and women. 

With our deepest respect