YASAD and ARGEMİP organized an event for TUBITAK calls

In the first part of the meeting, which was organized in two sessions, in addition to the opening speeches, company officials made presentations on the R&D projects they carry out, while in the second session, online face-to-face meetings were held between the presenting companies and the representatives of industrial companies who wanted to match. 

The opening speeches of the meeting moderated by YASAD Board Member Kerem Bozokluoğlu were made by YASAD Vice Chairman Serdar Toraman, ARGEMİP Vice Chairman Gülçin Tekay Akgül and TÜBİTAK TEYDEB Vice President Dr. Alp Eren Yurtseven. 

Dr. Alp Eren Yurtseven, Vice President of TUBITAK TEYDEB, said: "In Silicon Valley, companies' effective use of each other's resources and the development of a culture of joint business rather than hierarchical structuring contribute to the rapid growth of these companies. Our 1707 Order-Based R&D program fits this description to some extent. The product and prototype developed in one company can be scaled and developed by another company. It can turn into a cooperation model that can be quickly implemented by the software industry." 

Serdar Toraman, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of YASAD, stated that they have been conducting joint activities to make more use of the TÜBİTAK 1707 Call in the software industry within the framework of the cooperation agreement with TÜBİTAK since 2021, and said, "The calls made by TUBITAK, which leads our country's R&D-oriented growth strategy, are extremely important as they pave the way for many of our companies from different industries to have the digital products and services they need to achieve success in global competition with domestic solutions." Toraman said that as YASAD, it is beneficial for the software industry to keep TÜBİTAK 1707 and 1711 programs open throughout the year in order to increase the cooperation between the software industry and the production-services industry and to ensure the commercialization of R&D projects. 

Gülçin Tekay Akgül, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of ARGEMIP, reminded that the role of R&D is important in the development of institutions and industries today, and said, "R&D and innovation have become one of the prominent parameters in the sustainability of growth and efficient use of resources. It is important to support these institutions. R&D Centers have taken their place as a structure at the center of this ecosystem." Akgül told the story of the establishment of ARGEMIP and reminded that 162 R&D Centers and 19 Design Centers are included in their organization. 

After the Opening Speeches, Esma Atılgan on behalf of TUBITAK TEYDEB shared updated information about the 1707 Order-Based R&D Calls. Şeyma Kızıltaş Koç gave information about the "1711 Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Call". In the Companies section GTeknoloji Informatics Industry Strategic Planning and Market Deputy General Manager İbrahim Öztürk, FSS Computer Software General Manager Burç Uzalp, AYVOS Information Technologies General Manager Eray Hangül, MERT Software Computer R&D Center Specialist Kenan Selçuk, KORA Analytical Solutions Managing Partner Mevlüt Serdar, Engin Ekizler, Product and Solution Manager of VIRGOSOL Informatics and Software Solutions, Murat Dayanıklı, General Manager of ROBUSTA Software Automation Consultancy, Bahadır Akça, Assistant General Manager of DARK Office, and Ali Yurtçu, New Business Models and Market Development Manager of INNOVA Informatics Solutions, both gave information about their companies and explained the R&D projects they carry out.