About us

Our YASAD Software Manufacturers Association was established in 1992.

As an association representing the Turkish Software and Informatics Industry, YASAD aims to expand the Turkish software market, increase software exports and employment in the software industry.

It leads the determination and updating of our national targets and priorities in the field of software and information technologies in our country.

It carries out active, result-oriented and sustainable projects and activities in order to realize our national goals in the field of software and information technologies, and creates technology platforms.

It serves the globalization of our country's economy by supporting innovation, creativity and competitiveness.

While making our public sector more efficient, it also serves to modernize all our sectors, from production to energy.

As a communication and coordination center between our state institutions, public institutions and organizations, NGOs, universities, chambers of commerce and industry, all our industrial sectors and industrial organizations and our software sector, we can solve and increase sectoral problems based on information technologies. To increase sectoral efficiency by increasing the use of information technologies. develops projects to increase